Alpha - Daytime Fall 2018

Daytime Alpha (or Alpha AM) takes place in the parish auditorium on Friday mornings (9:45am - noon) from September 21st to December 7th.

Please note:

  • If you've been invited to serve on the team for Alpha, please register!
  • If you're attending Alpha with someone you know (and would like to be at a table with them) please include their name but invite them to fill out their own registration.
  • If you're a parent of young children and you'd like to bring them along, please register them as well.
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Best Phone Number *
Best Phone Number
How would you describe yourself in terms of the Christian faith? *
Have you participated in Alpha before? *
What made you decide to register for Alpha @SaintBP? *
Please choose the option that is most applicable. If you are attending Alpha as part of your marriage preparation, please choose that option.
Will someone be attending Alpha with you? *
If yes, what is their name?
If yes, what is their name?
PLEASE NOTE, your spouse/friend must submit a separate registration form (just adding their name here does not register them).

If you have children you'll be bringing with you to Alpha, please register them here now:

Parent's Name *
Parent's Name
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2nd Parent's Name
2nd Parent's Name
Child's Name *
Child's Name
Please give us information on all the children attending Alpha with you.
2nd Child's Name
2nd Child's Name
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3rd Child's Name