Alpha - Evening Fall 2018

Evening Alpha (or Alpha PM) will take place in the parish auditorium on Friday nights (6:30-9pm) from September 21st to December 7th.

Please note the following:

  • Children's ministry will be offered (for children in grades primary and up) so parents can attend Alpha while their kids attend the Children's Ministry (at no cost, separate registration for your children required, please scroll to the bottom of the page).
  • Team members are asked to register too.
  • If you're attending Alpha with a friend, please submit your own individual registration.


Best Phone Number *
Best Phone Number
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If yes, what is their name?
If yes, what is their name?
Please note, your spouse/friend must submit a separate registration form (just adding their name here does not register them).
Do you have school-aged children you would like to register for the Children's Ministry offered during Alpha? *
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Please choose the one that best applies.

If you have children (grades primary and up) accompanying you to Alpha, please register them here:

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Name of Parent
Name of (2nd) Parent
Name of (2nd) Parent
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Alternate Phone
Name of Child *
Name of Child
Please provide information for each child that will be attending the children's ministry.
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Children must be school-aged to participate in our Alpha Kids Ministry Program (and their parent(s) must be attending Alpha).
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