Archdiocesan Discernment Survey

Archdiocesan Discernment Survey - for members of Saint Benedict Parish.

"The survey is 27 questions that cover all three themes of mission, community, and formation".

Why Does the Diocese Want This Information?

"Having this information helps the diocese to serve your parish. Seeing how our values are being experienced in every church can allow us to tailor our supports and renewal efforts toward helping parishes build on strength. The information also helps us to promote a shared vision by seeing areas where more communication, education, and training may be needed to advance our mission. The information also helps us see what factors best influence parish vitality".

1. I am comfortable speaking about my relationship with Christ.
2. Our parish is open to new people and ideas.
3. Our parish has specific ministries to share the Gospel with new people.
4. Our parish is committed to serving the needs of our community.
5. Our parish decision making processes are grounded in prayer and the Word of God.
6. Our parish provides an active, dynamic experience of the liturgy.
7. I experience the sacraments as profound moments of encounter with Christ and not simply as rituals.
8. Our parish has clear expectations for how to prepare to receive the sacraments.
9. Our parish has excellent hospitality.
10. I know other parishioners by name and have friends who attend the parish.
11. Our parish welcomes and supports married couples and families.
12. Our parish welcomes and supports non-traditional family structures, including those suffering from difficult relationships or who have experienced divorce.
13. Our parish provides spiritual direction and accompaniment for those in different life stages.
14. Our parish makes use of technology and social communications to connect our members and aid our mission.
15. Our parish has a plan to help move people from being non-givers to generous givers.
16. Our parish has discipleship small groups that are developing and training leaders to start new small groups.
17. I am involved in a discipleship small group.
18. I am committed to daily, personal prayer.
19. Our parish has a clear process for helping new people to grow in discipleship.
20. Our key parish leaders, both lay and clergy, are held to high standards of transparency and accountability.
21. Our members actively mentor and accompany those called to leadership and service.
22. I understand the roles and limitations of our leadership structures (e.g. pastor, pastoral council, parish staff).
24. Age
25. Gender
26. Which of the following best describes your household?
27. Aside from special occasions like weddings, funerals, and baptisms, how often do you go to church?