Connect Groups Reloaded 2018

SBP Connect Groups Reloaded 2018


Thanks Connect Group Leaders!

We're excited to gather in just a few weeks' time (Wednesday, January 24th at 7pm) and to see how we might cooperate with the Holy Spirit through our Connect Groups in 2018. Please use the form below to let us know whether or not you'll attend on the 24th and also to give us some basic information on your CG. It would be great if each leader filled it out as we appreciate all the individual insights.

Name *
Gathering on January 24th? *
Don't worry about it if your CG doesn't have a name.
(Active members are those who attended 50% or more of your gatherings in 2017).
Example: Every 2nd Wednesday at noon or on one Friday night and one Sunday afternoon/month.
Have you added new members to your CG in the past 6 months?
(feel free to comment or elaborate/add some context here)
When I first arrived at Saint Benedict, I assumed we were asking too much of parishioners when it came to Connect Groups. I have come to discover that they are in fact meeting a desperate need, in that they offer a place for meaningful Christian community.
— Fr. Simon Lobo, CC, Divine Renovation Apprentice