DG - Forty Weeks Journey


Forty Weeks Journey

Date:  Tuesdays, starting September 4th (to mid June- 40 weeks)
Time : 12-2pm (bring a lunch)
Place: Marguerite Room 
please talk to the host/contact
Contact: Bob Smith

The Forty  Weeks Journey  leverages  the  Jesuit  Spiritual  Exercises to deepen  your  spiritual relationship with  God. Just  like  daily  physical  exercise  strengthens  your  body,  you  will experience the strengthening of your spiritual life through daily directed prayer and reflection.

Forty Weeks is a method that allows busy Catholics to daily and frequently listen to God while more deeply understanding the events in our lives that cause us fear, anger, and grief. This is a spiritual journey that is intended to stay with you the rest of your life. If you have ever wished that your prayer life was stronger and more meaningful, we invite you to participate in the Forty Weeks Journey and see if you like the results.                                            

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