Discipleship Groups

In the Saint Benedict Parish Game Plan we have two types of groups: Connect Groups and Discipleship GroupsDiscipleship Groups are intentional gatherings of 4-12 people meeting (often in homes) for a fixed number of weeks to grow together as disciples of Jesus. These may be bible study groups or some adult faith formation program.

Discipleship Groups are part of the Saint Benedict Parish Game Plan (the way our parish forms disciples who joyfully live out the mission of Jesus Christ). Discipleship is not only about how we learn and grow as individuals, but how we learn and grow together. It is a way to form relationships with the Lord and others. We are not meant to be on our faith journey alone!

At Saint Benedict Parish, we encourage our members to participate in at least one Discipleship Group a year. In Lent, we often launch a parish-wide initiative encouraging members to participate in a Discipleship Group and we recommend some specific content. 

Otherwise, we have a library of materials that could be used by those interesting in hosting a Discipleship Group (grab some friends and make a plan!). For more information on resources we have available, please contact our Discipleship Group Coordinator, Catherine Gould.

We also have a few Discipleship Groups that take place in the parish, or ones that are looking to have people join them-- please see below and click on the blue buttons for for more information.