Facility Request External

Please note the following before submitting a request for use of Saint Benedict Parish Facilities:

  • The hall (Rev. O'Neill Auditorium) and parish meeting rooms are not available for private functions (including wedding/baptismal receptions, birthday parties, etc.)
  • On occasion, we are able to accommodate requests from non-profit or community organizations for use of our facilities. These requests are considered on an individual basis and with multiple factors impacting the decision (building, staff and volunteer infrastructure as well as parish vision, among them).
  • The parish website calendar (found here) does not list all events or meetings taking place in the parish so checking the calendar for availability may not be reliable.
  • Use of Saint Benedict Parish facilities does not include promotion or communication by the parish. 

Saint Benedict Parish is a very busy place!  When it comes to usage of space, including the auditorium, priority is given to parish-related events, meetings and functions. 

Before proceeding with your request, please click on and read our Rental Policy:

Name of Point Person: *
Name of Point Person:
Point Person Phone number: *
Point Person Phone number:
We require an active phone number for all outside booking requests. Email correspondence is not always sufficient, therefore a phone number is mandatory to proceed with consideration of booking.
Contact number for event point person: *
Contact number for event point person:
Date of ministry/event: *
Date of ministry/event:
Set-up time: *
Set-up time:
(We will do our best to accommodate requested set-up times, but depending on other event/meeting requests, some flexibility is required). If you don't require any set-up time, feel free to list again the start time for your event/meeting.
Event/meeting finish time: *
Event/meeting finish time:
Time when participants will have departed, clean-up has taken place and rooms have been returned to standard set-ups.
Frequency of this event/meeting: *
Will building keys be required for this event/ministry? *
Any event taking place outside the hours of Monday to Friday, 9:45am to 4pm, are outside office hours and a key and proper security will be required.
What space(s) are you requesting for this event? *
Please indicate all that apply. (If you are unfamiliar with our facilities, please speak to our facilities management representative for information on what space(s) will suit your needs).
Does this event/meeting require audio visual or other equipment belonging to the parish?
Use of A/V equipment requires specific training and additional fees. Training must be arranged at least 2 weeks prior to event.
Is there a caterer for this event?
Is there a caterer for this event?
If using a caterer, they will be required to attend an orientation session.
Caterer's Phone Number
Caterer's Phone Number
Will liquor be served at this event? *
If yes, please note that you are responsible for requesting the liquor license in advance and ensuring it is displayed during the event.
Yes, I have read and am now familiar with the 'Policy for Use of Saint Benedict Parish Ministry Centre' (linked above). *
The Policy includes procedures and requirements (Schedule A) for rental, a rental agreement (Schedule B), which must be signed, scanned and returned and Schedule C, a list of rental fees.