Ministries for Children

WOW - Wee Ones' Word

WOW is church for pre-school aged children. We want families to have a positive, possibly age-specific experience of church. Parents are welcome to drop their little ones off 15-20 minutes before 9 on any Sunday morning they choose (on the lower level, at the bottom of the stairs, down the hallway). When dropping their children off, parents will be given a device that will vibrate should their child or our WOW ministry leaders request their presence. 

When: Sunday mornings, during 9am Mass

Where: Drop children (under age 5) off in the WOW Rooms at the end of the hallway on the lower level.


Half Time

Half Time takes place during our Sunday 9am and 11:15am Masses. After the opening prayer, children between the ages of 4-12 are invited out of the main assembly to the Saint Joseph Room. There they will experience kid-friendly versions of the readings, time for discussion and time for's church inside of church! Kids get to experience God's Word on their level, in a less formal setting. We conclude our mini version of the Liturgy of the Word in time to return to families and the larger community for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

When: Sunday mornings, during 9am and 11:15am Mass

Where: After the opening prayer, children will be invited forward and then they will proceed together to the Saint Joseph Room.


The Little Church

Every Sunday, while we take up the collection, our youngest parishioners are invited to give back to God by making their own contribution to our Little Church. The Little Church (a wooden replica of our building) is placed on the steps of the Sanctuary and children come forward (on their own or accompanied) to place funds into the Little Church. The children of our parish who add their contributions to the Little Church provide school tuition and other necessities for Gorreth in Uganda, Tlaleng in LeSotho and Maria Jose in Managua, Nicaragua.