Internal Planning Guide

This Internal Planning Guide is designed as a communication tool to help collect information about events and ministries to assist parish staff and the facilities team in smooth running of ministries, events and the parish facilities. 

This form is for parish staff or ministry leaders.

Please read through the form carefully. Any question with an * requires a response or the form will not submit in the end. Thanks!

Name: *
Name of person submitting this request.
Phone number: *
Phone number:
Phone number of person submitting this request.
What is the name of the ministry, or what are you calling this event?
Is this a meeting? A social? A sit down meal? A wine and cheese style affair? Please describe the goal and style of the event(s).
Is there a particular team or ministry group hosting this event? If it's an individual, please put their name.
On-site point person for ministry/event: *
On-site point person for ministry/event:
Who is the go-to person for the ministry/event/meeting?
Contact number for event point person: *
Contact number for event point person:
Date of ministry/event: *
Date of ministry/event:
What is the date for this event?
End date of ministry/event:
End date of ministry/event:
If this is a recurring event, please indicate the final date it will take place for the ministry season. For example, Alpha runs for 10 weeks, what is the final night on which Alpha will take place? If yours is a one-time event, you can skip this or simply fill out the same date as your event starts and ends on the same day.
What time will your event take place? For example: meetings run from 6:30-9pm, or 9:45am until noon. This is the time that will appear on the website calendar for anyone checking there for event specifics.
Set-up time:
Set-up time:
Do you require time to set up for your event? Think about tables, chairs, a/v equipment, etc. Many events (except perhaps meetings) require some advance access to the room(s) for setup. (We will do our best to accommodate requested set-up times, but depending on other event/meeting requests, some flexibility is required). If you don't require any set-up time, feel free to list again the start time for your event/meeting.
Event/meeting finish time: *
Event/meeting finish time:
Time when participants will have departed, clean-up has taken place and rooms have been returned to standard set-ups.
Frequency of this event/meeting: *
We have so many different groups/ministries using our facilities. Some events are one-offs. Others meet every week at the same time. Others happen 2 or 3 times per year. Do you see what we're getting at here?
This way we will know if/when there are times the event won't happen due to other events, Christmas or March breaks, etc. (indicate any exceptions to the regular schedule).
Will building keys be required for this event/ministry? *
(If keys are required, please talk to Ryan Orlando in advance of your event).
Who will be responsible for security and locking the building after your meeting(s)/event(s)? *
Who will be responsible for security and locking the building after your meeting(s)/event(s)?
All groups using space in our facility are responsible for ensuring that the building is locked up and things are put back, following their event. The only exceptions are when events/meetings are taking place during parish office hours (9:45am - 4pm, Monday through Friday).
Who will be the primary participants for this ministry/event? *
Who's your intended audience for this event? Will most people be SaintBP members (and therefore familiar with the facilities) or will there be a lot of people in attendance who have never been in this building before? Please give us your best guess.
What space(s) are you requesting for this event? *
Please indicate all that apply.
How/where might this ministry/event be communicated?
Please indicate all that might apply.
Does this event/meeting require audio visual or other equipment belonging to the parish?
If yes, please select all that apply. Use of A/V equipment requires specific training and if your event is recurring, please have a designated AV person.
Is there a live music component to your event?
If yes, please indicate all that you're requesting (once again, specific training may be required).
If use of the kitchen is required, who is the point person for the kitchen for this ministry/event?
If use of the kitchen is required, who is the point person for the kitchen for this ministry/event?
Has everyone working in the kitchen had an orientation?
Will liquor be served at this event? *
If yes, please note that you are responsible for requesting the liquor license in advance and ensuring it is displayed during the event.
Does this ministry/event have a budget? *
If there are expenses, costs or fees associated with this event/ministry (any money whatsoever) please arrange a meeting with Joanne to discuss the particulars well in advance.
Will you be soliciting donated items for this event/ministry (food, beverages, other)?