Funerals Overview

We have recently made a few changes to funerals (and consequently, Mass Intentions) at Saint Benedict Parish.
Please check out the links below for more information.

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Letter from Archbishop Mancini

In September 2014, Archbishop Anthony Mancini released a letter called Catholic Funerals in the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth: Theological and Pastoral Considerations.

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Funerals and Mass Intentions from Bene Dictus 

Fr. James wrote a piece on funerals for the May issue of our monthly magazine, Bene Dictus. Then in the June issue, we included a writeup on Mass intentions. Both are available by clicking on the blue buttons below.


Funeral Workshop 

On Tuesday, July 18th we held a workshop in the parish auditorium on the topic of funerals and Mass intentions. The morning was well attended. Below is an audio recording of Fr. Simon's presentation that day.

Please note that the (32 minute) audio recording begins a few minutes into the presentation. Fr. Simon is part way through telling a story during his first year of priesthood when he was celebrating a Graduation Mass for high school students - the vast majority of whom were unfamiliar with the Catholic Mass. This situation is a good analogy to many of the funerals at Saint Benedict that are attended by people who are unfamiliar with Mass.

For a copy of the slides that accompanied Fr. Simon's presentation, click on the image on the left.